What is a geek?

We know there are cs geeks; there are math geeks and physics geeks. But we mustn't forget the beautiful variety of geeks in our community. There are law geeks, literature geeks, art history geeks, butterfly geeks, writing geeks, Andrew Jackson geeks ...

A geek is someone who loves and pursues an area of knowledge.

It is overstated that geeks are socially inept. There are those who find themselves without the skills that everyone else takes for granted, but mingling, conversing on general subjects, eloquence, articulation: these can be studied and learned when one appreciates their value and observes those around them. Our nature does not forbid it. Until then, there are other wonders to explore.

And anyone who has uncovered a fascination in one subject will find it again in another. No one narrows and trivializes what they experience. There is so much to learn and admire. Who among us doesn't sigh at the thought of all that we would like to know, but still don't? So we keep trying, learning, expanding ourselves. Creeping featureism affects people too, and I welcome it.

So look around. See our colleagues in nature all around us. They are our kin, and we are not alone.