Patsy Fagan (G, 4/4)


Hello Patsy Fagan you can - hear the girls all - cry.
Hello Patsy Fagan you're the - apple of me - eye.
You're a decent boy from Ireland that no one can - deny.
You're a rarem' tarem' devil-may care of a - decent Irish - Boy.

I'm living here in Glasgow, - I've got an interesting - job.
I'm carrying bricks and mortar - and the pay is fifteen - bob.
I rise up in the morning; I get up with the - lark.
And as I'm walking down the street - you can hear the girl's - remark.

Now when I left old Ireland - 'twas many months - ago.
I left my home in Ulster - where the pigs and praties - grow.
And since I left old Ireland it's always been my - plan.
To let the people see that I'm a - decent Irish - Man.

Now is there one among you - who would like to marry - me.
I'll take you to my little home - across the Irish - Sea
I'll dress you up in satin and do the best I - can.
To let the people see that I'm a - decent Irish - man.