The Storms Are On The Ocean

I'm going a-way to - leave you, love
I'm going away for a - while
But I'll re-turn to - you some time
If I go ten thousand - miles

- The storms are on the - ocean
- The heavens may - cease to - be
- This world may lose its - motion, love
- If I prove false to - thee

Oh, who will dress your pretty little feet
Oh, who will glove your hand
Oh, who will kiss your rosy red cheek
When I'm in a far off land?

Oh,Poppa will dress my pretty little feet
And Momma will glove my hand
You can kiss my rosy red cheeks
When you return again.

Oh, have you seen those mournful doves
Flying from pine to pine
A mourning for their own true love
Just like I mourn for mine

I'll never go back on the ocean, love
I'll never go back on the sea
I'll never go back from the blue-eyed girl
Till she goes back on me
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